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    invoke FM radio in MIDlet

    is it possible to invoke the FM radio in the java application assuming the mobile device can support it?

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    I could be wrong, but don't think there's any phone with a built-in FM radio that has a Java API available for doing anything with the FM radio.

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    In fact, there seems to be a way of accessing the radio from a Java application.

    In version 1.1 of the Mobile Media API, support for a radio locator was added.

    A section from the description of the javax.microedition.media.Manager class in the MMAPI 1.1 Javadoc:

    3. Locators for Radio Tuner

    To create a Player to tune into a radio program, the following locator syntax is used:

    "capture://radio" [ "?" tuner_params ]


    tuner_params = tuner_param *( "&" tuner_param )
    tuner_param = "f=" freq /
    "mod=" modulation /
    "st=" stereo_mode /
    "id=" program_id /
    "preset=" preset
    freq = megahertz /
    kilohertz /
    megahertz = pos_integer "M" /
    pos_integer "." pos_integer "M"
    kilohertz = pos_integer "k" /
    pos_integer "." pos_integer "k"
    hertz = pos_integer
    modulation = "fm" / "am"
    stereo_mode = "mono" / "stereo" / "auto"
    program_id = alpanumeric ; identifies an FM channel by its
    program service name (PS) delivered
    via Radio Data System (RDS)**.
    preset = pos_integer ; predefined tuning number

    ** The RDS specification is available from http://bsonline.techindex.co.uk, id BSEN 50067:1998.


    (91.9 MHz with automatic stereo setting)
    (558 kHz with amplitude modulation)
    (FM channel that has "yleq" as its program service name
    delivered via Radia Data System)

    While testing the media capabilities of different devices using Manager.getSupportedProtocols() and Manager.getSupportedContentTypes(), I have noticed that at least the 6230i should be able to use radio as an audio input using capture://radio. Has anyone tested if the radio functionality really works on the 6230i?
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    Question Re: invoke FM radio in MIDlet

    I think this mobile have some errors in firmware or something..
    FM-tuner in 6230i doesn't work..

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