While porting seems to be head-bangin against a spiked wall, numerous issues with poor documentation seem to make it impossible.

Ok enough of crying. I have two major issues any of you might have encountered:
1. Say I have two Canvas in series 60 and i cycle between them with some new information to be displayed. It seems that, every time i do a setCurrent(), first the whole screen flashes/flickers and then the displayed Canvas flashes a frame of old information before updating to the new woohoo. Now i believe the issue is with the internal graphics buffer that I wanna drain to get rid of old information. However, even serviceRepaints() etc. etc. does not take care of that....get my drift? can ya help?
2. Ok i heard a rumor of issues with series 60 and midi which seems utterly nonsense. it states that midi tones will play erratically on Series 60 and abruptly crash. I am facing the same issue....whats the way round and how do i convert my midi to wav format without paying one buck to anyone?

BTW, the bugs(Nokia calls them features...how appropriate *sarcasm*) on Series 60 for j2me game development seem overwhelming to a point of givin up coding foreva. All i wanna know is why do Nokia release sub-perfomance phones, why do we wanna buy it and what the hell is Sun doing by letting every damned manufacturer re-write code implementation as they see fit.

So far I have yet to see Java living up to "code once, run anywhere" in mobile wireless scene....my one more question is why not boycott Java and Sun until they live upto their claims?