I'm trying to download a variety of file types via Nokia Activ Server 2.1. I have the FileServlet mapped to a directory that contains my files and the appropraie file types configured. I have two problems:

1. When I try and download a gif to the handset (T68i) it fails with a 406. Looking in the SC error log I get a "Exception:ResponseFilterFacade.transform():Content type not acceptable: image/gif" this is also true for midi and jgp. Is this filter checking my UAProf? Is it checking a config file? What is this filter, is it a chained servlet or is it part of the FileServlet??

2. Also tried downloading an MMS message via WAP download. It seemed to accept the type (configured in the FileServlet mappings etc.) It complained of the file being over the 2993bytes card size. Is this a std restriction, surely you can somehow download something outside of this restriction?

Any help greatly appreciated, it will allow me to sleep easily at night!!!