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    Question j2me 2.3 toolkit not working on xp?


    i am installed j2me 2.3 beta on my new machine

    operating system : -- win XP
    HardDisk :-- 80GB
    Ram :-- 256MB
    it's p4 3Gh. & with HT tech.

    but my j2me project is not run on this machine **** & it still run
    on the p3 with 128Mb ram

    plz tell me the solution that help me to run the code .

    Is the problem with OS ?
    or problem with j2me version ?

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    Hi sphansekar!! and Welcome to Nokia Discussion Boards!!

    >>i am installed j2me 2.3 beta on my new machine
    Did you mean Wireless Tool Kit 2.3?

    Please check whether J2sdk , JRE are installed properly on your machine.

    Do you have any Nokia emulators installed in your system? are they working fine?

    The info that you have provided is inadequate to solve your issue. Could you please provide some more details regarding how and where the problem is occouring?


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