Hi there,

We've recently launched WAPBanx (www.wapbanx.com/index.aspx) which is a brand new and unique banner exchange programme exclusively for WAP sites.

In addition to our standard banner exchange programme, we also offer paid for advertising opportunities within the networks to really kick start traffic volumes.

With our new service you can:-

- Have your own animated banner shown on 1000's of the world's best WAP sites.
- Get constantly updated stats on your site and banner performance.
- Add extra sites and banners as you need.
- Buy additional banner views to give your site an extra boost.

WAPBanX could be ideal to drive even more traffic and revenue to your WAP based sites - just go to www.wapbanx.com/index.aspx and check it out.

Any queries or comments just let me know.


Tony Cawood
Marketing Director Zap 3G Ltd