I am using Context Sensitive help in my application.

In the HandleCommadL(), it is launched using the following code:

****** CQikHelpLauncher::LaunchLD(this);

GetHelpContext(TCoeHelpContext& aContext) const
aContext.iMajor = UidMulti;
aContext.iContext = KEnglishHelp;

It lauches the help dialog successfully but while the help dialog is opened and some other application is started without acknowledging the help dialog(i.e the application is sent to the background, for example selecting the Applications Icon while the help dialog is opened).

After this when I close my application it is giving a CONE 44 panic.

"CONE 44: Control being destroyed is still on the control stack"

Please help as this is very urgent. My application is fully complete except for this. I have to submit my application for Symbian Signed.

Thanks & Regards,