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    Question programming 6630

    Hello, everybody!
    Lately i had to port some application of mine, that were designed with 6600 in mind, to 7610 and 6630. While i did not encounter many problems with the first, the latter is giving me some real headaches. All of my apps involve use of the camera, and all are based on ccamera api which i thought were the same for all terminals mentioned.
    Instead, all my apps let the phone display a warning: memory (almost) full when taking pictures or crash suddenly. Of course i have a lot of free memory, and the fact that the well known extendederr.sis doesn't work with 6630 is a serious problem while trying to understand where or what the problem is. So i'm asking you: do you know if there's some issue about differences in camera api between symbian 7.0s and 8.0a? Have you a useful tool that can display the error, like extendederr.sis does? Any help, information or tip will be appreciated

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    There's a tool called Panix that you'll probably find helpful.

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