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    Question Show some text (View Model)


    I am a bit lost. I created a new application based on the view model.

    Now I have the AppUI, a Document and for each view a Container and a View.

    On the first view, there is this "iLabel" showing some text. Now I want to show something that is stored in a variable, instead this fixed test.

    My questions:
    1. Where do I store this variable? In the Document?
    2. In which class and method do I have to access this variable to write it in this label. I think it has to be the Container, because only this class has access to the "iLabel", but how can I acces the variable?
    3. If I change the variable through a method called by the user with the menu. What function do I have to call to redraw the text label?

    I hope someone can help me with this little example so I can understand the concept :-)

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    no one who could help?

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    Re: Show some text (View Model)


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