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Thread: Wap database

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    Wap database

    Hi ,

    Anyone can lead me on this?

    I want to build a simple database wap site to be access via handphone, this wap site should have:

    1. user log-in
    2. user can change password
    3. able to check the database by:
    a) key in the client accout no or name
    b) check detail by month

    Can anyone guide me where to start from here, what should i need or learn?

    Many thanks.

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    You need to learn:

    - XHTML, WML: This is the basic markup languages
    - A language to do the dynamic pages, like JAVA, PHP, ASP
    - You can use a phone emulator to test the page, like a Openwave emulator or Nokia 6230 emulator.

    Fabio Isaac Douek

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