DLL linker errors
Hey all,

I have the follwing linker errors in my DLL. I have used reallyclean and built the files many times, including deleting files manually myself. I am using a factory class so that only the 'creator function' and the DLL entry point are exported using EXPORT_C / IMPORT_C and the rest of the functions via a interface class. It all worked fine until I added an extra function, then I got the following error:

Not attempting to create import library from frozen .DEF file, since EXPORTUNFROZEN specified.

Errors caused tool to abort.

Link Error : Undefined symbol: 'int CApp::GetItem(class TDesC16 const &) (?GetItem@CApp@@UAEHABVTDesC16@@@Z)'

Link Error : referenced from 'const CApp::`vftable' (??_7CApp@@6B@)' in App.o

Link Error : Link failed

I have recently started to use CW and maybe this is the cause of the error.

Thanks for any help,