Good day!

I am new to mobile app programming and my problem might just be simple. I am trying to create a program using VB, PC Connectivity
SDK and a Nokia 5110 handphone. I acquired a data cable and I tried
installing the PC Connectivity SDK, but the Nokia Connection Manager
(which came with the DSK) wasn't able to detect the phone.

When I installed LOGO MANAGER it was able to detect the phone. So
what might have I done wrong? I've tried the installation procedure
for the SDK but it really can't seem to find a phone connected.

The connection settings on my LOGO MANAGER says that the phone is
connected using DAU-9P MBUS. I tried switching the LOGO MANAGER con-
nection using the FBUS and same thing as the NOKIA SDK, it can't find
the phone.

My Question:
1. Does the NOKIA SDK use the FBUS to connect to the 5110 cellphone?
2. If Logo Manager can connect to the phone using the MBUS, why can't
the SDK do so?
3. If the SDK indeed uses the FBUS to connect, how can I switch my
data cable to become an FBUS?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks