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Thread: xhtml and video

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    xhtml and video

    Hi forum, i am developing a xhtml mp site and i can't figure out how to implement digital video in it.
    -Excluding the streaming option there is a way to download the video (3gp) file directly onto the devices via a normal link?
    -Is it possible to open the default media player directly from the xhtml page?
    -Does the http server (i have apache 2 installed for testing) need to be configured including appropriate mime types (3gp?).
    -Do emulators (i have series40 and series 60 emulators installed ) support video preview?

    I'm experiencing problems in finding related documentation anywhere on the net.
    Any hints and clues will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes, it´s possible to allow the user to download a video file using a direct link.

    The mime-type for .3gp file is video/3gpp

    You can also use OMA download and DRM to download the content.

    Fabio Isaac Douek

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