Hi, is there a way to surpress the focus on images on a 7650 device? All images get the focus and there are a couple of reasons why I think that is very annoying
1) If you put a image and a hyperlink on the same line (e.g. hyperlinks with bullets in front), every time that you press the down button, the focus will go to the bullet image instead of the hyperlink. In other words, you can't use bullets.
2) If you use a image for decoration (e.g. a header image), this will get the focus while it would be better if the first hyperlink on the screen would get the focus.
3) You will get ugly black borders around every image that you put on your screen first.

A very bad choice of Nokia to have this option. This really limits the possibility to make your screen look a little bit nicer by adding some small graphics. But maybe somebody knows of a possibility to surpress this?