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    on-target debugging


    I am testing application on target device (mobile phone) Nokia 6670

    I know that in CodeWarrior is suppport for on-target debugging.
    CW don't use GNU debugger but own instead of GNU debugger.

    Please, to set-up CW on-target debugger, debugger stub on mobile phone and establish connection over bluetooth between them?

    At least in Symbian OS I can use RDebug::Print() those messages are vissible in the CW system log message console when I run emulator. Is there possibility to wrap those messages from mobile phone and send over bluetooth to compuret, but how?

    Thank you

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    Re: on-target debugging

    Currently on device debugging isn't supported on Nokia phones. Im not totally clear as to what your last question is refering to about sending messages back to the computer from the phone?

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