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    MS VS .NET 2003 "import symbian project" problem


    Is there any size limitation for bld.inf? When the bld.inf is around 100KB, I get a error "error in file: Exception of type java.util.EmptySatckException was thrown"

    Any one encountered this kind of problem??

    BTW, whenever I tried "abld build wins udeb" in cmd, it always pops up a window "Link. exe - unable to locate component" and it says about mspdb71.dll is not found.

    This never happened with VS6.0

    I am using S60_2nd_FP2 SDK

    Any help would be appreciated!!

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    NDS 1.1 (which is the Nokia product I assume you are using here) has limited support for import using bld.inf, only the PRJ_MMPFILES directive is supported. So we have not tested bld.inf with anything even close to that size of files.

    Instead of using the bld.inf route, suggest you use import of .mmp files. You can import any number of .mmp files into a single Visual Studio solution (on project is created for each .mmp file). When repeated once for each .mmp file in the bld.inf, this will produce exactly the same result as importing from the bld.inf file.

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