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    Toolkit for editing colored images in making WAP pages

    I've tried downloading the Nokia wireless toolkit..then used the 3300 SDK but the toolkit does not support colored images editing....

    i've tried downloading the Series 60 Symbian coz it says there that it supports colored wap,mms and stuff .my problem is.what toolkit should i use so that i can edit the colored image and make it into wbmp format.? and upload it to my 60 series SDK? need help.waiting for the soonest response

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    Re: Toolkit for editing colored images in making WAP pages


    it seems that you do not have any idea what SDK support. It's not a image editing tool, it show the images....

    If you had to change example the jpg format to be wbmp, you need the conversion tool for that. Use search function on the internet with words "wbmp converter".


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