Hi All,

The following are the problems faced by us while developing J2ME Web Services using the Nokia Developer Suite integrated with Eclipse.

1. The Web Services Client tool of NOKIA generates stub code with errors and is incomplete.
2. The Nokia generated stub code contains error (Though it is saying that the stub generated successfully) but the J2ME generated stub code is complete and does not contain any error.
3. For incorporating the JSR 172 with the Nokia Developer Suite, we changed the JRE from the Eclipse and we are able to see the javax.xml.rpc.* package. We compiled and created the application (The JAD & JAR) from the NDS and installed in the emulator (It was giving an error “could not load classes - .javax/xml/rpc/Stub”, before resetting the JRE at the time of Application Creation.)
4. After 2 times of un-installation and installation of our application in the Nokia 80 Series emulator, suddenly it gives some windows error. After that windows error, the Nokia toolkit again starts giving the above error and all the menu items and icons in Eclipse have disappeared. And, further re-installation of the Nokia Prototype SDK 3.0 for the Java™ 2 Platform, Micro Edition (nptsdk_jme_v3_0.zip) is also not able to get the menu items and icons back to eclipse as it originally appeared.

Appreciate your earliest response. Thanks in advance

Team Duc