I am attempting to open a datagram connection to the 3220's fun shell to read from its tilt sensor (API copied here for convenience: http://www.iotawireless.com/FunShellAPI.pdf).

According to the API, the midlet must be signed in order to work with the cover/terminal connection. I purchased a Thawte JavaSoft certificate and signed this midlet before installing it on the 3220. I also manually set each of the options on the handset to allow all types of communication (that with the funshell isn't listed, i just enabled everything as "always"). Of course, I also made sure that, when I built the MIDLet, javax.microedition.io.Connector.datagram was in the list of groups for which I was asking permission (not in the opt list).

Despite this, the line of code which actually opens the connection to the phone throws a security exception:

coverConnection = (javax.microedition.io.DatagramConnection) javax.microedition.io.Connector.open("lcif://GAME/joystick/1.0");

My present hypothesis is that, despite Thawte's assurances, the certificate they issued me isn't actually in the root of the 3220. Does anyone know how I can find out? Or, does anyone else have another hypothesis?

It is WAY harder than it should be to make a simple game that uses the tilt information - no wonder these things haven't taken off!