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    problem on copy from a bitmap and draw to the screen

    I have a CFbsBitmap, iBmp, and I can draw it to the screen with DrawBitmap.
    But when I copy a TRect of area from this bitmap and put these pixels to a new CFbsBitmap and try to draw to the screen, the copied area is drawn much bigger than it is.
    Can you help?

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    Re: problem on copy from a bitmap and draw to the screen

    Hmm... area size depends on your parameters or how are you drawing it?

    virtual void DrawBitmap(const TRect& aDestRect, const CFbsBitmap* aSource);

    "The bitmap is compressed/stretched to fit the specified rectangle. Note that if the twips value of the bitmap is not set then nothing is drawn (this is the default situation)"

    "This member function uses the bitmap's size in pixels and does a stretch/compress blit using a linear DDA"

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