I'm trying to activate the Image Viewer using the following code:

( FileName initialized with the correct image path and full name )

TInt32 imageViewId(0x101f4d90), jjjj(1), kkkk(1);
TVwsViewId id = TVwsViewId( TUid::Uid(imageViewId ), TUid::Uid(jjjj) );
TPtrC8 ptr8( ( TText8* )FileName.Ptr(), FileName.Size() );
TRAPD(error1, (iContainer->ControlEnv()->AppUi())->ActivateViewL( id , Uid::Uid( kkkk ), ptr8 ) );
The viewer is opened but the image is not displayed because the additional
message parameters ( jjj, kkk and ptr8 ) are not initialized corectlly.

I have looked inside
UTILIZING EXTERNAL APPLICATION VIEWS document and the image viewer
message data is not documented

Could any one knows what are the required data for the image viewer