I plan to make a program(for the phone) that can display some information and options from a larger program I develop(on the pc), through bluetooth.

Now I have no clue how to do this, so I'm looking for some tutorials, programing examples, tips etc.

I have the s 60 2nd Edition SDK, Feature Pack 3 for C++, and are using codeWarrior.
I made some ''HelloWord'' aps, so I know how to use this. It's the bluetooth connectivity and transferring I need help on.

I use:
Windows XP sp2 whit an EpoX(BT-dg05a) bt. dongle.
Nokia 6680 whit 512 mb.
Firmware v 2.04.12 dated 04-03-05
CodeWarrior 2.8.3 (symbian edition)
Borald Delphi v7 and 2005(v9)

Regards Martin