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    Question Using native events in specific application with J2ME

    I can capture native events of a cellular phone using J2ME (button of beginning and end of calls, description of effected calls) to use them in a specific application?
    I can use resumeRequest() method of the MDIlet class to capture the events of the start and the end of a phone calls or services used in an J2ME application? When, as and where I can use such class?How I can pass to my application effected phone calls , sent messages SMS and the accesses the InterNet? That methods and class I must use? How I must make to develop a class that executes this type of function with JAVA? Where I can find codes of aid or sample, tutorial, tips, etc to create such functions?

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    Re: Using native events in specific application with J2ME

    I don't think there is any phone that allows monitoring/capturing system events from J2ME like you want to do.

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