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    Smile Problem in .MMP file

    I am trying to create a Camera appl. under Borland C++ BuilderX
    (Symbian C++)

    I have a doubt in the .MMP file of the appl.

    However when I create a new GUI appl. I get the default settings

    TARGET <application-name>.app

    Reffered the SDK notes for Camera appl. & found the foll. in the .MMP file

    TARGET ecam.dll

    By adding the above code to the .MMP file I get a Warning for multiple target & target types defined

    What should I do??
    Can there be 2 target & target types in the .MMP file ??

    Waiting for a reply...

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    Re: Problem in .MMP file

    use two diff .mmp filesss

    using two targets may not be acceptable in sym .mmp

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    Re: Problem in .MMP file

    I'm quite sure you can not have two targets defined in your mmp. Anyway, in case you want to make standard application, just use the first defined target in your mmp.


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