Dear all,

we are trying to implement a photo taking program by J2ME.
This program controls camera of the testing mobile phone and users can press a command item to capture photos.
It works really well on Nokia 7210 , but NOT on Motorola E680i at all. After pressing the button to capture, there is nothing to happen -- even no exception , no error messages. In order to making sure what the problem is, we sent J2ME Wireless toolkit V.2.2 sample project 'mmaDemo' to the phone and ran it, however, the capture function also couldn't work , either.
We found out that the function getSnapShot() is the breaking point of these two program. Did anyone face this problem before? Is there anything we have done could be wrong?

Thx for your help.
All replies are appreciated.

best regards,

Eric Chou

CIS(Department of Computer Information Sciense)
HsinChu , Taiwan