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    can i use vs2005 to develop s60 application?

    now i use vs2005beta2 to develop some application, and i already uninstall the old one vs2003. but s60 fp3 may be only develop at vs2003, so how can i develop s60 fp3 application without vs2003. Is vs2005 a solution?


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    Re: can i use vs2005 to develop s60 application?

    I don't think there's any Symbian SDK that supports a Microsoft beta IDE. You need to use an older, non-beta version or wait until it is finished, and SDKs supporting it to be released; which might take a long while.

    Altenately, if Microsoft doesn't allow the coexistence of both VS2003 and VS2005beta2 on the same machine, consider using CodeWarrior or Borland BuilderX for Symbian development. Using VS2003 in a virtual machine with something like VMWare is also an option (that will not mess up your VS2005beta2 installation).

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