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    Problem with image decoding using CImageDecoder::DataNewL


    I have a jpeg an image in a memory buffer and I have to decode it.
    In the next test code I load image directly from a file or I load the file in a memory buffer. In the first case decoding is working. In the second case decoding is not working...

    CFbsBitmap* CImageLoader::LoadL( const TFileName& aFileName, TDisplayMode aDisplayMode )
    TFileName file( iPath );
    file.Append( aFileName );

    CImageDecoder* iConverter = NULL;
    TFrameInfo iFrameInfo;
    CFbsBitmap* pLoader;
    TRequestStatus iConvStatus;
    TInt bError;

    pLoader = new CFbsBitmap();

    // first good case
    //initialise decoder
    TRAPD(Err, iConverter = CImageDecoder::FileNewL(CCoeEnv::Static()->FsSession(), aFileName, CImageDecoder::EOptionAlwaysThread));
    // second wrong case
    // open file
    RFile file; // file to write to

    int fSize;
    int bErr = file.Size(fSize);
    char* pData = new char[fSize];

    TPtr8 ptr((unsigned char *)pData,fSize);
    TDesC8 *ptrC=(TDesC8 *)&ptr;

    file.Read(ptr, fSize);

    TRAPD(Err, iConverter = CImageDecoder:ataNewL(CCoeEnv::Static()->FsSession(), *ptrC, CImageDecoder::EOptionAlwaysThread));

    //Get the frame info
    iFrameInfo = iConverter->FrameInfo();

    // create a blank bitmap to copy the image into
    bError = pLoader->Create(iFrameInfo.iOverallSizeInPixels,aDisplayMode);
    if(bError == KErrNone)
    // Convert the image into a bitmap
    iConverter->Convert(&iConvStatus, *pLoader);

    // wait for conversion to complete

    // clean up
    delete iConverter;

    return pLoader;

    Program is crashing when is doing WaitForRequest... (E32USER-CBase 42)
    Can you advice me how to solve this problem?
    Or how can I decode correctly an image from a memory buffer?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Problem with image decoding using CImageDecoder::DataNewL

    have you checked the SDK help for the error, it says: "This panic is raised by the SetActive() member function of an active object, a CActive. It is caused by an attempt to flag the active object as active when it is already active, i.e. a request is still outstanding."

    So remember to cancel the previous request before starting a new one, or wait till the last one is done, before starting again.


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