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Thread: List of devices

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    List of devices


    I'm in need of a current list of Nokia phones sorted by specs. Since there are as many Series 40 devices, I doubt being successful by figuring them all out myself.

    You know, I need ALL devices listed up. Its just for a tiny little server script to create a proper response depending on the User-Agent.

    Does anybody know an URL or somewhat?



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    Re: List of devices

    We also need a list of device specs.

    Does anyone know where I can obtain a spreadsheet of device characteristics?
    - Java Profile: MIDP1 / MIDP2
    - Heap size
    - JAR max size
    - Java JSR capabilities.

    There used to be a PDF file in the document section that had such a comparison, but I can't find it anymore.

    We are in the 'Go to Market' phase and need to assemble a list of compatible Nokia devices that our product can support.

    Any help is much appreciated.

    Paul Carew

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    Re: List of devices

    There is definetly a need of comprehensive list of all nokia devices which can be searched sorted based on

    - Types of APIs which are supported
    - Their functionalities
    - Market Presences based on demographic information
    - Operator wise distribution

    There should be exactly one place where we should be knowing if support of X API is not written over there than it means that its not going to support. The present layout is not very much developer friendly.

    I am sure these would help developers to decide the target phone during the development.

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    Re: List of devices

    Thanx for the link. The filter could be more precise, I suppose. Now I've got a spreadsheet written on my own, but I still don't know, which devices are available in which areas...

    Hm, a cool database should deal with all that. Hey, there are some developers here around. Come on, Nokia people, let us launch some SQL statements onto your tables (and give us some CSVs in a new window in result). That's what I would call support.

    No need of sophisticated input masks. Just be sure, some words like "DROP", "DELETE" or "GRANT" are forbidden...

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