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Thread: BREW on Nokia

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    BREW on Nokia

    Hi all,

    I am novice in BREW technology.
    I have gone through the site i.e. www.forum.nokia.com and a lot of other documents available on Qualcomm's site.

    I found out that the Handsets which are BREW enabled and manufactured by Nokia are all based on Series 40 Platform.

    The other thing that I came to know was that whenever any J2ME application is run on BREW, the JVM is to be installed as an extension on BREW.

    Now Nokia's Series 40 Architecture already provides the JVM so is it necessary for BREW to have another JVM to run J2ME application ?

    Thanking you all in anticipation.
    Thank you,


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    Re: BREW on Nokia

    Only a limited set of Nokia's Series 40 phones for the US market have any kind of BREW support. I don't know if any GSM phones do, or if it is just some CDMA models.

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    Re: BREW on Nokia

    Hi Petrib,

    What I wanted to know was that

    Series 40 Nokia Phones are shipped with JVM installed in them.
    BREW requires a "VM Extension" on top of the BREW layer to download & run Java apps.

    Now when these Series 40 phones are BREW enabled, then do BREW uses this native JVM or it still needs a VM Extension to run Java apps(in addition to the native JVM).


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