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    Nokia 6630 & 6680 media player

    We are a network camera manufacturer, our camera is compliance with 3GPP(PSS) standard(MPEG4 video & GSM AMR), but can not use Real Mobile Player of Nokia 6630 to decode 3GPP stream from camera. We use Nokia handset with Real Mobile Player as a client. The test result is:
    Our streaming server IP is Nokia is According to the log file, We find out real one will send out UDP packets ( packet 29, 33, 34, 36 ) after PLAY message is sent. My server(network camera) will try to receive these packets and send video packets to where these UDP pakcets came from. This way we think our RTP and RTCP packets should be able to send to Nokia via NAT, but somehow Nokia always TEARDOWN the RTSP session after video packets are delivered.
    Could you help me to check out the reason why realone/Nokia teardown the RTSP session?

    Besides, we also found that the RealOne Player on Nokia 6630 will send ClientChallenge:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and the Helix server will response the RealChallenge:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX when doing RTSP describe and setup but our server will not response such message. We think that this is the major reason why the RealOne player on Nokia 6630 tears down the RTSP session with our server. We found that this is the proprietary protocol owned by realnetworks used in your own RDT transport stream, but should not be used in standard RTSP. Did you do this in order that their player on mobile phone can only connect with their own Helix server, but not other servers.

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    Re: Nokia 6630 & 6680 media player


    I encounter this similar problem with the N6680 sending a teardown after receiving someUDP packets following a successful PLAY request.
    Anyone found a solution?


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