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    save drawn lines as a picture

    Hello everybody,

    I wrote an application, where the user could draw something (gc.DrawLine(startPoint,endPoint) on a TRect(). And now, I want to save the result, as abmp or someting like this. Can anybody give me a hint?


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    Re: save drawn lines as a picture

    Hola no puedo ayudarte pero por tu nick parece que eres español asi q podemos charlar un rato sobre symbian, si quieres agregame a diluo_@hotmail.com

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    Re: save drawn lines as a picture

    you could draw the lines directly to teh image by using CFbsBitmapDevice, and showing the image on the screen. Or you could use screen capturing to capture the screen when it is finalized.

    Then you should use image saving classes (see remote camera for an example) to save it to the file.


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