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    Nokia 6680 and USB Pen Drive

    Is it possible to connect 6680 to USB Pen Drive?

    I'm trying to connect my Nokia 6680 to an USB Pen Drive using the Cable DKU2 and an USB adapter type A Female/Female by the scheme:

    Phone (pop-port Female) --> (pop-port Male) Cable DKU2 (USB Male) --> (USB Female) USB Adapter (USB Female) --> (USB Male) USB PEN DRIVE

    but file manager does not recognize the new drive.

    Any suggestions?


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    Re: Nokia 6680 and USB Pen Drive

    It can't be done. An USB pen drive needs to connect to an USB host/master. Both the USB pen drive and the phone are USB slave devices.

    In addition you would USB mass storage client driver, installable file system support, etc., for the phone (low level sw that'd be very hard to put in place in a finished phone).

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