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    Question Customizing

    Sorry when I am now opening a new thread for an maybe allready existing discussion but my search was fruitless.

    I am searching for information to customize a nokia phone. I want to change the softkey (this one which almost link to the wap-portal of the provider; at leat in germany), store some numbers in the telephonebook, change the theme, preselect new background-images and new ringtones and change the animation which is shown when the phone is starting an when the phone is ending.
    Someone told me that I need three files to "flex" the phone with my new data and input.
    Has someone nearer informations or is there somewhere maybe an tutorial or something where I can get those informations?

    Thanks for fast responses.


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    Re: Customizing

    I'm afraid most such customization details have not been documented (or at least not published), and many customization things cannot be done after the phone has been manufactured.

    Operator (service provider) customization is generally done by the device manufacturer before the ROM image files are created (which are then flashed to the phone at the factory before delivery to whomever ordered customized phones).

    For some things there are documented APIs in the SDK (like for manipulating Contacts/phonebook), for others the only documented way is through using applications like the "Settings" app on Series 60 phones (i.e., needs to be done manually, unless it wasn't done before the flash image was created).

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