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    table with string

    HI.HOW DO I create a table with string items in it (i mean what should be the code to put string items in a table to exist when i open the application)in order to call them later with a search method.my application is like a dictionary.any advises and links would be appreciated.
    thanks in advance

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    Re: table with string

    hi naneziris

    You can do one thing, you can create a .txt file that will reside in the res folder of the application.
    From where you can Read and Write data whenever required.

    what's the idea.

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    Re: table with string

    When you say table, do you mean an array?
    If you're asking about how to create an array of stringItems:

    StringItem [][] array = new StringItem[10][10];
    array[1][1] = new StringItem(....);

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