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    Question Simulating key event

    Is it possible, and if so how, to simulate a soft key command ?

    I would like to activate an option which can be enabled by pressing a softkey when the phone application is at the foreground. I have managed to set my application to be at the background and use the time event to make the call however I didn't figure up yet how to simulate the softkey key pressed command.

    if its possible I would like to know how can I get the specific command id and send it to the phone main application (the command id which the phone application uses when the user presses the softkey).

    anyone ?

    Thanks !
    Shai . K
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    Re: Simulating key event

    you could send key to open the menu and then up/down arrows to select the command, and then send ok to select it. Thou then you need to know excatly what is shown in the menu.


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