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Thread: CMMFDataPath

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    Does anyone have an example or guidelines for using the CMMFDataPath class? Its written that its an Abstract utility class. Don't agree.
    There isn't any sample code neither guidelines. Does any one have any pointers.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: CMMFDataPath

    The data path is the name given to the code in the controller that is responsible for passing the multimedia data from the source to the sink. If the source and/or sink is a clip that has a format associated with it, then a format would sit between the datapath and the actual source/sink. i.e. the format becomes the source/sink as seen from the data path. note that the data path just sends the data through – it is not the responsibility of the data path to determine the size of the buffers passed through, or their position – this is the responsibility of the format. MMF comes with a standard datapath (CMMFDataPath), but it is not obligatory for controller writers to use this.

    The class CMMFDataPath is an abstract class. I am not sure any examples are provided for it or not

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