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    Simultaneous Bluetooth connections on 6680

    Hello everyone,

    I have read in these forums that Nokia phones do not support multiple simultaneous Bluetooth connections unless all connections are initiated by the phone (in master mode). But I have run some experiments on my Nokia 6680, firmware 2.04.15 and the results point in another direction.

    Here's what I did: first I connected a Jabra BT-250 headset to the phone. That worked great. Then I established a network connection from my PDA over Bluetooth and then the 3G connection (used the phone as a modem). Then I connected a Bluetooth GPS (i.Trek). And finally I started the Covelus Router software (uses the Serial Port Profile to get data from a Nokia SU-1B digital pen and route it to a server-side application). They all worked at the same time! So I was having 4 simultaneous Bluetooth connections: the PDA (dial up), the GPS, the headset and the digital pen. Only one connection was outgoing (the GPS), the rest of them had been initiated by the devices.

    So can anyone tell me what's going on? Do all phones support this configuration or was I just lucky?

    Thank you,

    Razvan Dragomirescu
    Chief Technology Officer
    Cayenne Graphics SRL

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    Re: Simultaneous Bluetooth connections on 6680

    You were just lucky, and/or Nokia has fixed/enhanced this on the newer phones.

    Just today, I tried a SonyEricsson HBH-65 and a PowerBook with my n-gage. I tried every combination of:
    Headset told to establish link to phone
    Phone told to establish link to headset
    Laptop establishes link to phone
    Phone establishes link to laptop

    In each case, after the first link was established, a second link was impossible.

    Perhaps others can report their own results? I haven't found any Nokia documents that talk about this, and that makes me very unhappy.

    With the handsfree profile on headsets, there's always a link between the phone and the headset, so it's functionally impossible to use a headset _and_ any other bluetooth device.

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    Re: Simultaneous Bluetooth connections on 6680

    Hi Drazvan,

    have you been able to make a phone call while downloading a file via the bluetooth 3G network link? Everytime I do this the data link stalls.

    So my experience is that you can connect multiple devices to the phone but use them only one at a time. I've also heard from some of my colleagues that only the recent phones support multiple BT connections.

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