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    Red face Can't find mmf\devvideo\devvideorecord.h (FP3)

    I want to develop live video streaming from the mobile (N90) to a server. To do this (FP3), I need to use CMMFDevVideoRecord and MMMFDevVideoRecordProxy to get each encoded video frame and send it to the server. But I can't find the header directory mmf\devvideo where the file devvideorecord.h should be located according to the SDK help of SYMBIAN OS SDK V8.1A. Any ideas? Do I need a plugin?

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    Re: Can't find mmf\devvideo\devvideorecord.h (FP3)

    I have installed Symbian 8.1a SDK

    I dont find mmf\devvideo directory too...

    Are this classes deprecated?
    Is there an error in SDK installation package?


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