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    Question OGG Vorbis Support on SymbianOS v6.1 (Non-MMF).

    Hello Everybody,

    -Is there any OGG Vorbis plug-in/device drivers for Series 60 1st Edition (a.k.a SymbianOS v6.1), so that .ogg files can be used as ringtones & e.t.c on these platforms (such as N-Gage QD)?

    -I know there is an app called OGGPlay (http://symbianoggplay.sourceforge.net/), but this isn't system-wide support (just inside this app only).

    -On Symbian.com website, there is a page about this kind of support for OS v7.0 & above (http://www.symbian.com/developer/tec...gg_vorbis.html).

    -Does anybody knows how to use/modify the provided sourcecode so it can be used on Non-MMF (OS v6.1) platform? To be honest, I never been programmed for EPOC/Symbian before... Or, is there any compiled version of this mod already?



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    I don't think there is a version of the OGG which would work that way. It works in OS 7.0, simply because it has the MMF in it.


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    Re: OGG Vorbis Support on SymbianOS v6.1 (Non-MMF).

    There is a plugin availabe on the net called OggVorbisController, just type it in google and download it rightaway, it will enable you to play ogg files on ur phone plus setting ur favorite ogg files as ringtones.

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