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    service discovery speed


    I have written a service discovery app in java for bluetooth. When I invoke service discovery on my Nokia 6600; it takes about 15 seconds to detect a nearby device. But when I execute the phone's built in program to detect bluetooth devices I see that it detects it like in 3 seconds. (I use the javax.bluetooth.* libraries by the way)

    Is such a difference in performance normal, or do you think there could be something wrong with the java code I wrote?

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    Re: service discovery speed

    Before service discovery can be made, the device discovery is required in order to learn the device addresses (BD_ADDRs) of nearby Bluetooth devices. The device discovery, on the other hand, is performed in two-step procedure:

    1: In Inquiry process, Bluetooth device addresses of neighbouring devices are learnt (amongst other information, such as, frequency synchronization etc.)
    2: In Paging procedure, the found bluetooth devices are connected to retrieve their Device Names (that are shown in the discovery list)

    It takes 10.24 seconds (+name discovery) in order to discover all surrounding devices. However, the discovery dialog, implemented in Symbian devices, is performing these two procedures simultaneously. Thus, the list of found devices is updated as device names are resolved and the user can interrupt the discovery as soon as desired device is shown in the list. This reduces the overall discovery time experienced by the user because he doesn't need to to go though the whole discovery process.

    So, if you have implemented your discovery without using the discovery dialog provided by Symbian it probably takes more time as you described

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