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    MMS Example on 7650 (using SDK 0.9) requires username/ password confirmatio

    I am using the 0.9 SDK and the MMSExample program and have rebuilt it (albeit unsigned) using the 0.9 SDK so that it will install correctly on a real 7650 (Software version 3.12).
    However I find when running it that I get a prompt for username and password that needs to be confirmed (they are populated with data for the GPRS connection) come up before it actually connects and sends the picture (My 7650 doesn't do this when you interactivly send a MMS using the MMS composer). I don't want this screen since I am trying to write a (demo) program capable of sending a MMS unattended (as a sort of securityCAM) but I can see lots of other applications that don't want this either... I have looked for an obvious method in CMMSClientMTM but can't find anything to supply the username password or to set a transparent mode...

    Is there anything I have overlooked (e.g. a method I need to call or I need to sign the application etc) or is the 7650 designed to require this confirmation when sending MMS from a loaded application for security reasons.


    Andrew Leggetter

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    RE: MMS Example on 7650 (using SDK 0.9) requires username/ password confirmatio


    The simplest and safest way is to define your access point settings Prompt password to "No" using the Settings - Connection tools provided in the device.

    FN Developer Support

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