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    Class browser in CW

    5 months are gone since I asked about Project class browser.

    And I still don't see the project class browser.

    There is only class browser when I can see all Symbian class. When I developt my project why I can't filter that I can see only my project class.

    Only what I see in the left is browser of headers and source code files, not usefull like real project class browser.
    Anyway why resouce files are not added automatically?

    Where are bookmarks of open files?

    Have you ever tried MS Visual C++ or others like NetBeans, Eclipse?

    Could anybody explain me why programmers of CodeWarrior are not able to do this simple extension?

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    Re: Class browser in CW

    We are currently working to change the way the class browser works and add other features that will be available in our next major release. Currently I don't have a timetable I can give as to when the release will be available.

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