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    Nokia 6600 Modem Options fails to install

    Due to problems related to a previous post regarding PC Suite 6.6 I removed all Nokia software from PC to do fresh installs of PC Suite for 6600 and Modem Options. Upon reinstalling Modem Options the installation completes without error but the Nokia 6600 Modem does not appear as an available modem in Phone and Modems in Control Panel. And when I go into the Control Panel and click on "Nokia Modem Options" it says "No Supported Modems Found." Any suggestions on how to reinstall Nokia Modem Options under these circumstances?

    Perhaps the unistall isn't cleanly removing Nokia Mod. Opt's and thus reinstall is kluged? Is there an alternate method for removing Modem Options?

    I did go into the Registy and manually removed Nokia from Hkey_user and Hkey_local machine, as well was went into C:\Windows and deleted the Nokia folder prior to reinstallation, this didn't seem to have any effect.

    Or, is there an alternate install method? Perhaps I can simply use the Nokia Modem driver file and go into Add Hardware from the Control Panel and add the Nokia Modem? Any ideas where I can get the Nokia Driver file?

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    Re: Nokia 6600 Modem Options fails to install

    You can download Nokia Modem Options from this link; http://www.nokia.com/nokia/0,8764,42290,00.html

    Can you try to create the DUN-profile without using PC Suiteso that you use the Bluetooth SW for the Modem connection?!

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