Hello guys.

I have bought a Nokia 5140i handset a couple of weeks ago, and after a day or two i've started to have some odd problems. For some i found a logical answer, for some i didn't.
First, i've had the problem that all 6230i users do (the 5140i is very similar to the 6230i): the ascending ringtone problem when the phone's ring volume is set to maximum. I understand that this behaviour is meant to prevent injury to the eardrums and i agree with that. I've set the volume to 4 an the problem is gone.
Second and really annoying, whenever i use the voice commands, after the first time i use them, the phone rings in ascending mode. I have to either use voice commands again or restart the phone in order to revert to normal behaviour. I must also mention that the phone's ring behaviour is and was set to "ringing", not ascending, from the first day i bought it.

Is there a less annoying sollution to this (second) problem?
Thank you in advance.