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    Nokia 6820 Headache... Weird one...

    Hi all

    It seems the ONLY way to use the chat and my presence feature of the nokia 6820 is to use yamigo.com

    I have gone ahead and done this, set up all the settings on the phone etcetera but still no joy:

    I have set up an ICQ account in yamigo, and from the phone I can send the ICQ users messages, they receive them (that implies that all the chat and presence settings on the phone are correct) .. but: they cannot reply :/

    Weird thing is, the phone's user shows online in icq, the users get the messages, and as far as icq is concerned the messages are delivered.

    It really seems to me that the phone is not polling for the messages. There is regular GPRS traffic though... *puzzled*

    Anyway.. thought this would be a nice brain teaser for those of you out there, and I could not seem to get hold of the Yamigo guys...

    One more thing.. the phone has firmware version: 5.28 / 29-10-04 / NHL-9

    Please help!

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    Re: Nokia 6820 Headache... Weird one...

    when connecting to icq/msn etc, yamigo acts a little wired indeed. but when u talk to yamigo id, things run better. try this: smartvas.com.

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