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    link error: unresolved external symbol _chkstk

    I am developing Nokia9210 program. I added a .c file to HelloWorld sample, and got a link error under VC6: unresolved external symbol _chkstk. Anybody can help me? Thanks!

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    RE: link error: unresolved external symbol _chkstk


    Search for the term "_chkstk" in this discussion board for answers and discussion items about this problem.

    FN Developer Support

    Tips to help yourself:

    1. Search for resolutions in the Knowledgebase.
    2. Search for possible answers or discussed items in this discussion board.
    3. Look for examples in the SDK or in the download website.
    4. Submit your question if none of the above helps.

    Help others to help you by:

    1. telling the SDK (Series 60 or N9200 Communicator Series...) and its version number which you are working with.
    2. telling your Windows OS if the problem might relates to the environment (Win NT or Win2000...).
    3. describing the problem sufficiently/clearly and providing enough source code where the problem could arise from.
    5. rating and acknowleging to reflex your satisfaction and gratitude.

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