Hi all,

This is a repost of a previously unanswered message

After I’ve changed the request method to send data to server to using “POST” instead of “GET”, the Simulator (NMB 4.0) failed to “Back” between WAP pages. Say, if you go from WAP page1 (e.g. http://…/index.wml), to wap page2 (click one forward link, which uses “POST”), … to WAP pageN, if you click Back, you expect the browser will show page(N-1), but the actual screen will stay at current page. After click (N-1) times, it goes directly to page1 (some times one Back click goes directly to page1). (I have enabled the cache with size set at 10240000 bytes, I have also cleared server cache and gateway cache and always restart from scratch).

The problem can also be reproduced on the Nokia phones (Nokia 7210, Nokia 3650 tested) using live gateway.

For SonyEricsson and Motorola’s Emulator and real phones, no problem encountered.

It would be much appreciated if someone could shed some light on this issue please.

Many thanks in advance.