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    Installing PyreplForSeries60.SIS

    1. I am new to developing to nokia... and I want to program easly for my new 6230. Is phython the answer ?

    2 I am having trouble installing the PyreplForSeries60.SIS with the Nokia application installer it says that "the application is already installed on the phone do you want to overright it?" but after clicking "yes" nothing happens.

    3 the nokia application installer only wants jar file can i change a sys to a jar ?

    4 please give me advise on what the best way to develop softwear for my new 6230.
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    Re: Installing PyreplForSeries60.SIS

    Nokia 6230 is not compatible with Python series 60 (it's a series 40 phone !)

    1. No Python is not the answer :-(

    2. You can't install Python on series 40 phones.

    3. Nokia 6230 accepts only jar files (Java application midlets)

    4. Download Series 40 Platform 2.0 SDK (for Java)

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