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    How to implement help screens?

    Hello Developers,
    this seems to be a simple question, but to get it really right is not so easy.
    My first application is short before going to market, and one of the finishing things is a help screen or maybe even several context sensitive help screens.
    There are several options to this, and I like to ask you what you are using?

    Currently I just use a "Textbox" , read the text from a file with a DataInputStream, and use insert() to show the text.

    This works, but looks quite ugly on my Series60 device, and on a SonyEricsson even more ugly.
    Also there is a maximmum number of chars I can put in a Textbox. If my text gets too long it will not be displayed.

    What is better, use a dialog, or make a form with string items?
    And what is the best way to implement several help screens, so the user can navigate between them.


    Karsten Meier

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    Re: How to implement help screens?

    I mostly don't use the High level api at all.
    You could easily make a good looking helpscreen within a Canvas.
    Just a nice backgroundimage and then write the text with drawString().
    It also has the advantage that it looks nearly the same on any device. Only the fonts looks different and the width of line would be different.

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