Hello everyone,

i am new to the forum and i d like to introduce myself. My name is Angel Destounis from Greece.

I am trying to build a Bluetooth network with Bluetooth access points connected directly on a DSL internet line and through the TCP/IP network to be controlled from my central server.

On this network i am trying to establish the following modules...

1. Give internet access to all users within the network area, through the DSL connection on the Bluetooth access points
2. Create an application that gives access to my central server through the users mobile phone and create some sort of sharing directory for content for mobile phones.
3. Send data to all users that activate their Bluetooth to their mobile phones and this is managed through the central server of the network
4. Manage from the central servers a multiplayer console in order users to be able to connect to the server through an application and be able to play mass multiplayer games with each others.

Is there anyone here in this forum to give me advice on this concept as well as be able to help me in this construction? In fact i am looking for a developer to help me on this.

Thanx all for your time

Angel Destounis

p.s. The access points that i ll use is BlipNode from Blipsystems