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    Arrow Voice Interjection on Nokia Series 60

    Hie Everyone, whazzz-up... :cheesy:

    Currently i'm working on project that deals with the Voice Interjection.

    I have Six Nokia Series 60 Phones with me:

    - Nokia - 3650
    - Nokia - N-Gage
    - Nokia - 6600
    - Nokia - 6620
    - Nokia - 6680
    - Nokia - N70

    I had noticed a surprised thing in these mobiles...

    Nokia N-Gage and Nokia 6600 - Supports Voice Interjection on all the available Firmwares

    Nokia 3650 - Supports Voice Interjection only on Firmware greater than v3.16

    Nokia 6620 and Nokia 6680 - Being Smart Phones they doesn't support Voice Interjection

    Nokia N70 - The Latest Series 60 3G Phone by Nokia, but Doesn't support Voice Interjection

    Now Questions for U ???

    1. Can anyone from you Raise a hand and tell me why these things are happening..?

    2. Had anyone gone through this type of problems before..?

    2.1. If Yes then any comments or suggestions

    3. Is there any Relation of Firmwares with Voice Interjection..?

    4. Any Idea that How many Series 60 Phones (NOKIA) supports Voice Interjection..?

    Please comment your Views (Whatever you think... this may help me and the community too...)

    Thanx & Regards
    Richard Steven

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    Re: Voice Interjection on Nokia Series 60

    you could do a bit of searching before asking, would speed up the procesess on getting answers considerably.

    playing the sound to the call-line with OS 6.1 & 7.0s is quite easy to get working, but OS 8.0 it requires some special information, that nokia don't want to give out easily.

    6620 has HW related problem, and thus will not work.


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